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To get up close on the fascinating world of worms take a look at this brand new flat pack, no nails, no screws, no holes to dig Wooden Observation Wormery with its own built in observation panel.

Every WOW© Wooden Wormery comes with its own observation panel as standard, but for large groups to enjoy you can have two observation panels on different sides of the unit.

All you will need is lots of organic waste for the worms to wine and dine on like gluttons!  Worms like to wander from food sources to places that are clean and earthy, for breeding, and this unit is perfect as it is lovely and spacious.

The wooden construction keeps the environment at just the right temperature.  The insulating properties of wood will protect the worms from the ravages of sudden temperature changes at night and seasonally. 

Worms like and work best in darkness and excess light will burn their delicate skins. For this reason we provide a cover for the observation window.  When you want to take a look at all the munching and composting activity all you have to do is slide out the cover and catch the worms at work. See and note how the picture of decomposing organic waste changes from day to day and week to week.

We love this new WOW© Wooden Wormery – its perfect for worms and perfect for families and school groups to enjoy!

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