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Stewart Essential Heated Propagator 52cm

Propagator is essential if you want to get your seeds started earlier and to also ensure a good germination rate as they provide the correct temperature and humidity for your seeds, plants and cuttings to grow. If you already have a Propagator it is a good idea to plug it in and check that it is still working, if you haven’t got one I would highly recommend them they are very easy to use and take the guess work out of growing from seed.

Propagators are cheap to run, to make them as economical as possible keep them full while they are in use, replacing your germinated seeds with newly sown trays. Seeds do not all germinate at the same time so plan ahead, germination times are usually specified on the seed packets, plant slow-growing seeds first e.g. peppers and aubergines followed by tomatoes and herbs and then fast germinating seeds such as lettuce, salad leaves, pumpkins, courgettes and cucumbers.

Propagators are a worthy investment which will increase the germination success of your seeds, enable you to sow and grow earlier and to grow more varieties.

I wouldn’t be without my propagators I have two 52cm heated propagators which in spring are both full for quite a number of weeks, having two gives me that extra room to sow my seeds thinly and individually in pots, which avoids root disturbance when transplanting, and also to repeat sowings if germination has not been as successful as expected.

For more information on sowing seeds and using propagators click on the link below:

Sowing and Growing in a Propagator

Successful Seed Sowing


Win a Propagator

For a chance to win a propagator why not enter our two new free competitions in the School Zone and the Family Zone on the Gardening With Children website both include a selection of pots and trays to get you off to a good start.

For details of the School Zone Competition click here or for the Family Zone Competition click here.

Good Luck


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If you would like a chance to win free gardening equipment for your family or school why not enter this months competitions. 

We have lots of prizes up for grabs including  Children’s Grobox Flower Gardens , Mini Raised Bed Single Starter Kits and solid wood and stainless steel Childrens Hand Trowels.

For families all you have to do is complete Jemima’s little quiz all about Summer.  All the details of how to enter can be found here.

For schools why not have fun with our Summer word search, which can be found here.  Send all your entries to us by 30 June 2011 for a chance to win.  Good Luck!!


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Thanks to everyone who entered our Christmas Quiz and congratulations to the children at Spring Park Primary School.  They were the first correct entry out of the hat so they are our winners!  Well done to you all.

The prizes –  a beautifully crafted and brilliantly handy paper potter, 2 non-electric propagators, 2 hand trowels, 2 pairs of kids gardening gloves and a kids watering can, will be winging their way in the next few days and we hope they are going to be wonderfully useful in the growing season ahead!


If you would like to enter our latest competitions, which end on 28th February 2011 we have more brilliant gardening prizes up for grabs.  For all the details on how to enter take a look here for schools and here for families.

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Many thanks to everyone who entered our autumn competition back in November.  We had so many beautiful entries, judging it was a real challenge. 

But after much deliberation the winner of the School Competition was Oak Wood Secondary School in Nuneaton for their lovely collage.  The pupils made it using photographs of autumn taken in the school grounds.  Congratulations to everyone who took part.  Your  prizes are on the way.

The Family Competition was won by Jack Bruton (aged 12) for his fab funny autumn poem.  It made us all smile and is here for you to enjoy.

It’s Autumn and the snails abound
They love the damp leaves to hide around
Look in the hedge and under pots
Not just one but lots and lots!

Well done Jack – your prizes will be with you in the next few days.

…And if you would like to enter our latest round of competitions click here for Schools and here for Families.  We have some great gardening prizes to be won.

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Watching spring unfold before our eyes is a magical experience to share with children.  It can also nurture a real love for learning about the natural environment.  

For our latest competitions we would like you to watch for signs of spring where you are. 

…And record what you see in any way you like, a few written notes, drawings, photographs … the choice is yours.

What ever you decide to do, make sure your entry reaches us by 28 February 2011.   The competition has two categories to enter – one for schools and one for families.

Our favourite entries will appear here on the website and the very best school or nursery school will win a copy or the brilliant book Grow It Eat It, a Raised Bed Triple Module Starter Kit and a selection of seeds to get you started!

The best of the bunch amongst the family entries will win one of the brilliant Grobox gardens in a Box, a Mini Raised Bed Single Starter Kit, a stainless steel and solid wood Children’s Hand Trowel and a pair of Kids Gardening Gloves.

All the details of how to enter can be found here for Families and here for Schools.

Good luck and happy spring watching!

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