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Time is running out to enter our current three free children’s competitions with just over a week left before the closing date of 30th November 2013, don’t miss out send in your entries asap.

At The Recycleworks we are passionate about encouraging children of all ages and abilities to learn where their food comes from and how to grow their own.

If you think you know your fruit and vegetables why not have a go at first two competitions for a chance to win some of our famous Wooden Raised Beds.

Competition 1  In the Family Zone and Kids Zone

We are constantly developing new products, our latest range for young gardeners is called

Toddlers Own, Real Gardening Range

as the title suggests these are real working gardening products just like mum and dad would use and not toys, as a preview to this new range we are giving you the chance to win a

Raised Bed on Legs

photo 5
These Raised Beds are lovingly made for you to our usual high standard in fcs wood and measure 57cm x 57cm externally with a height of 45cm approx. The growing tray has a generous depth of 24cm making it suitable for a wide variety of plants, a liner is also included to retain the soil and optimize drainage.
Children will love growing their favourite fruit, flowers and vegetables in their own ‘Raised Bed’ and at their own height making gardening easier and great fun.
All you need to do is to identify which fruit or vegetable is shown in the five photographs, then send in your answers on the entry form before the closing date of 30th November 2013. Click here for full details and your entry form.
Fruit and Vegetable Picture Quiz












Competition 2  In the School Zone

Gardening is now becoming an important part of the School curriculumn, to get your school garden off to a great start we are giving you the chance to win a Wooden Raised Bed and module complete with accessories.
All you need to do is to have a look at our Quiz and see if you can work out which vegetable or fruit we are describing, then send in your answers on the entry form before the closing date of 30th November 2013. Click here for full details and your entry form.
Vegetable and Fruit Quiz

1.  We are usually green or black and hang around in bunches.

2.  I grow in the ground and it is often said that I can help you see in the dark.

3.  I am yellow and although I have ears I cannot hear, I am delicious cooked on the BBQ.

4.  You often find me growing in the greenhouse I can either be very hot or sweet to eat.

5.  I am round and orange and you usually see me at Halloween.

6.  Jack planted me, and climbed me to seek the giant and steal his treasure.

7.  I am sweet and red and have my seeds on the outside; I am often eaten with cream.

8.  We are small, round and green and grow together in pods.

9.  I am usually grown in hot countries, I am yellow with a dimply skin but I am sour to eat.

10. I have a white head, surrounded by green leaves I am often eaten with a cheese sauce.

Competition 3  The Recycleworks Competition – November 2013

This month’s competition is all about Mangers and Cribs. Mangers are everywhere you look at the moment, they come in all sizes for Christmas.

As a guide:

Large Family Cribs for School, for Church and for the Village Hall

Deep Cribs for smaller spaces with an intimate audience

Standard Cribs go into a mock stable and

Trough Cribs are for baby doll figures

What you can win

For our November Competition we are offering Three Prizes, with three lucky winners each receiving a Manger.

We are offering one each of the Deep Manger, The Standard Manger and the Trough. The first winner will have a choice of size, the second winner can chose from the remaining two sizes. The third winner will receive the remaining Trough/Manger. In addition we will add a surprise of our choice.

What you need to do?

Each Manger will store flat until the next Christmas but we hope that you will use yours in spring to grow something edible.

Tell us what you would grow to eat next year in the Manger of your choice if you are a winner.

Manger sizes: Trough x 60cm long, Deep Manger and Standard Manger x 90cm long.

Send in your entries to us by email (sylvia@recycleworks.co.uk) before the closing date of 30th November 2013.

Good Luck

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