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Thank you to everyone who entered our January / February Competitions we had a brilliant response and I am delighted to be able to announce the winners.

The Family Competition was to ‘Watch the wildlife from your window and tell us what you spot’ by sending in a photograph, drawing or even a story and you could win a Ceramic Bird and Bee Nester and a Ladybird and Insect Tower.

The winning entry was from Ryan Cinato age 6 from Luton and he sent in a lovely story about what he saw one night through his bedroom window.

‘ when it gets light in the morning i wake up and look out of my window i have some trees in my garden with apples on them and sometimes they fall off so i put them in a little pile for the birds to eat but sometimes they dont eat them so i put out some of my dinner that i didnt want to see if they would eat that. i left it out there and when i was in bed at night i heard something out of my window when i looked out it looked like a big dog so i call my mum and she told me it was a fox eating my dinner i was so excited.  i now put out lots of different things to see if any other animals come in my garden my friend said he has a hedgehog come in his garden i hope one comes in mine i just need to work out what they eat.’

We loved his story about the fox eating his dinner and it also showed his enthusiasm and commitment to feeding and caring for the birds and wildlife that come to his garden.

In response to Ryans hedgehog query ‘What do hedgehogs eat?’ we have the ideal solution and our Hedgehog Food has been trialled by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, for more information take a look on our website.

Well done Ryan.

The Schools Competition was to ‘Design a Garden for Wildlife’ and you could win a Bug Board and a Hogitat Hedgehog House.

We had some lovely colourful designs and it was very hard choosing a winner but the winning school was The Greetland Academy, Halifax and the winning entry was by Molly Stevens. Molly’s design was well thought out with separate areas within the garden for Birds, Insects, Animals and Pond Life and was beautifully drawn too.

Congratulations to everyone your prizes are on their way and don’t forget to take a look at our current competitions.

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