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Last week we had an enquiry regarding our Croma Preservative, there is nothing unusual about that, but this was from The Barn Owl Centre of Gloucestershire who wanted a preservative to use on their owl nest boxes and as it is non toxic, kind to wildlife (and plants) it is perfect.

The Barn Owl Centre of Gloucestershire is a registered charity which has been established since 1997 and who are working to support the environment, wildlife and the community through Education, Conservation and Bird Welfare not only are they passionate about Barn Owls but all species of Owls and Birds of Prey.

Education plays a huge part in their work and their resident birds play an important part in group visits to/from Children, Schools, Farmers/Landowners etc. making it a fun, interactive and enjoyable experience. Wild bird casualties can be brought to them for treatment and rehabilitation with the sole aim of releasing the birds back to the wild once they are fit and well.

Young Barn Owl

Did you know?

Barn Owls ….

… hunt at night, and although they have very good eyesight  they rely on their exceptional sense of hearing to locate their prey.

… are easily recognised by their heart-shaped face, whose outer feathers collect, trap and focus sound just like human ears.

… fly almost silently which enables them to hear the smallest noises made by their prey of mainly field voles, wood mice and common shrews, they eat on average 4 a night.

… eat their prey whole, the indigestible parts are then coughed up in the form of an owl pellet.

… do not hoot (that’s Tawny Owls) they screech.

We have barn owls locally but I have yet to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings. If you are passionate about Owls and wildlife why not have a look at their website to see how you can help, if you live locally why not become a volunteer.

Many of our native birds are in decline and really do need our help, they need Nest Boxes, which provide them with a safe place to roost and rear their young, Bird Feeders filled with high energy bird food throughout the year and a Bird Bath with clean water to drink and to bathe in to keep their feathers in tip top condition. Wildlife products make excellent gifts why not treat your dad or granddad this Father’s Day (16th June) and help the wildlife in your garden.


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With December just around the corner,  the need to do some Christmas shopping becomes ever more pressing.  For those who love gardening why not avoid the crush of the shops and go for one of our favourite gift ideas.

These beautifully designed top quality Seed Boxes are the perfect place to keep seeds and bulbs in good condition and away from mice and insects.  They come in four gorgeous designs and will delight anyone who receives them.


For lovers of wildlife, we have a fabulous Bundle of Wildlife Goodies on offer for Christmas.  Included in the pack is a Wildlife Surveillance Camera, a Window Bird Feeder, a Birdie Bistro Bird Feeder and 3 Field Guides – Garden Birds, Wetland Birds and British Land Mammals.  For a limited time only you can save over £30, so now is a great time to buy.





And if you want your gardening projects to get off to a flying start in the new year take a look at the Octogrow.  Just keep your 25 litre reservoir topped-up and the clever feeding mechanism will automatically provide your vegetable plants with the water and nutrients they need so that they grow strong and healthy, quickly.  The system is perfect for tomatoes, chillies, beans and peppers.

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Here at Gardeningwithchildren.co.uk we are all a bit mad about wildlife.  Jemima, the youngest member of the team has been avidly watching the tadpoles in our garden, as they make the amazing transformation into frogs.  

For help with your wildlife observations you might be interested in a new website being developed by the Open University. 


 iSpot is a place to learn lots about wildlife.  So if you’ve spotted something of interest but need help to identify it, there is a whole community of people there who can help.  Share photos, latest sitings and identification tips.  Plus there are lots of useful links to other websites if you have a particular specialist interest.

hummingbird hawkmoth

For my own nature walks with the children, I also find these wildlife guides excellent.  They are clearly and beautifully illustrated, packed full of fascinating and useful information, plus they are laminated making them practical for outdoor use.   


For collecting little finds and treasures along the way this small trug is lightweight and lovely for small hands.  From here shells, sticks, leaves and seeds all make their way onto the nature table.  And our wildlife cameras  will record all the activity both on land and in water. 


And if you would like to stay fit over the summer and love the great outdoors the BTCV Green Gym is worth a look.  Its a great opportunity to improve your fitness by getting involved in practical conservation activities such as planting hedges, creating and maintaining community gardens, or improving footpaths. You can join for an hour or more on a weekly or twice-weekly basis – find out more at  http://www.btcv.org/greengym

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