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childrens_garden_plotIt’s wonderful to know that Linda’s expert gardening advice is really making a difference, especially to this school garden. For those of you who are thinking of using weed suppressing membrane, here’s the continuation of Linda’s advice.

School’s  Question – Thanks so much for your advice, that’s really helpful. We have done our best to clear the site but it has been sadly neglected for a very long time!

We had to use mattocks as the ground was so full of roots that forks and spades made no impact. Hopefully we have got the worst out but do you think we should lay a weed suppressing membrane on the soil under the beds to stop any remaining ivy coming up in the future?

Linda’s Response – Sounds like you should have hired a digger to clear site!

I wouldn’t bother laying membrane, it sounds like you have done the donkey work already and by this very action should have weakened any more ivy growth. I expect that you will still have to keep taking ivy out as it appears but the addition of soil to build up the raised beds should suppress any more growth. As each season goes by it will eventually give up the ghost. Also if you put a membrane down on a vegetable border it would make it very awkward when you come to harvest as there is a chance that you will also dig the membrane up.

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