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Having been involved with the Country Trust for over 25 years in the role of a ‘host’, I thought I would put a post on the blog to promote their work and to bring them to the attention of teachers in urban schools who, along with their pupils have become disconnected from the natural world and unaware of where their food comes from or how it is produced.


As teaching outside ‘the classroom’ has declined,  it is important to increase the flow of schoolchildren into the countryside to learn about farming, food, environment, history, geography and science.

The Country Trust’s scheme is simple, cost-effective and unique. They arrange for schools selected by the Trust from the disadvantaged inner city areas to visit hosts chosen by the Trust for their ability to offer children a stimulating glimpse of life in the countryside. The hosts make no charge for these visits, the Trust organises the visits and helps the schools with the cost of transport and accommodation.


The children and their teachers get the chance to spend a day in the countryside, visiting either farms or other places on interest – which for example, might for example have interesting wildlife for them to see. It ends up as a day they remember for a very long time – the thank you letters we receive from the pupils make the time and effort all worthwhile.

For many of the children (and their teachers), these visits can be the first time they have ever been on to a working farm and are often real eye openers, such as seeing a cow been milked.

We want our children to ‘Love their Environment’, however if they don’t fully appreciate it, they never will and this is why The Country Trust plays a very important role.

If you are a teacher or have children at an inner city school or in a socially deprived area,  please visit the Trust’s Website where you can find out more about what the Trust does, how to contact them and more importantly read some of the comments made by teachers, pupils and hosts.

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