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You may recall a blog that I posted in September 2012 ‘Plant Hyacinth bulbs for a stunning display and wonderful fragrance at Christmas’ with growing instructions for planting indoor prepared Hyacinths.

Newly planted bulbs in September 2012

Newly planted bulbs in September 2012

To follow up this blog I thought I would show you how mine went on.

hyacinths flowering in pots

On the cool windowsill in January 2013

Although they did not quite meet the christmas deadline I was able to place them on the living room windowsill in early January, where they are fully appreciated and will benefit from the cool temperatures by the window which will extend their flowering period. All 3 bulbs were grown in a different container and were all successful, each producing a beautiful flower stem and wonderful fragrance.

Growing indoor bulbs is a great thing to do especially with children, the size of the bulbs make them easy to handle and they’re pretty undestructable – they just want to grow.

Indoor Minnow Narcissi Bulb Pot

Indoor Minnow Narcissi Bulb Pot

Why not grow them in a clear container, children will be able to see their roots forming and growing.

The Crocus Glass Cube

The Crocus Glass Cube

The Tete a Tete Glass cube

The Tete a Tete Glass Cube

Indoor bulb kits make a unusual and attractive gift, it is still not too late to plant indoor bulbs, why not plant some now, they would make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day on Sunday, 10th March.


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We are busy thinking about Christmas 2009 and spring time 201o, and it’s all fast approaching.

Everyone wants to spend the Christmas money wisely without wasting it on gifts that aren’t 100% appreciated.   And the almost fail safe option for all ages has to be flowering bulbs.

Buy now to flower at Christmas, for example the pots of Amaryllis, Merry Christmas or Amaryllis Snow White. These fine quality bulbs are guaranteed to please. They will flower with many flower heads and will flower again for many Christmases to come so your gift could last for many years.

Amaryllis Merry Christmas available from www.recycleworks.co.uk

Amaryllis Merry Christmas available from http://www.recycleworks.co.uk

Or you can choose the small pots of 5 or 6 small bulbs with their own biodegradable pot and compost.  Crocus Bulb Kit Rememberance and  the Narcissus Bulb Kit Tete a Tete, both well under £10.00. Also under £10.00 the Hyacinth water culture kit.   Who cannot fail to melt under the spell of a Hyacinth?   Bulbs are perfectly simple to plant now in Pots and Planters to flower as the days get longer again. Try a mixture of Blue and Yellow Crocus or a mixture of Tulips Ali Baba and Mickey Mouse or a mixture of Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio Tulips.

Tulip Ali Baba available from www.recycleworks.co.uk

Tulip Ali Baba available from http://www.recycleworks.co.uk

…And please remember all bulb orders must be received at Recycleworks Ltd by 31st October.

bulbs for spring

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Each week we have been finding our favourite bulbs, and this week it’s the turn of  this fabulous Spring Bulb Collection from Recycle Works Ltd


It comprises 10 bulbs from each of the following varieties and they are ideal for growing in Traditional Raised Beds:

  • Puschkinia Libanotica
  • Chionodoxa Luciliae
  • Anemone de Caen
  • Galanthus Nivalis (Single Snowdrops)
  • Anemone Blanda Mixed
  • Dutch Crocus Blue
  • Muscari Armeniacum
  • Narcissus Tete a Tete
  • Tulip Red (Mme Lefeber)
  • Species Crocus Mixed

The 100 bulbs when planted out will take up an area of 1m x 2.5m and can be planted along with the Instant Meadows to give bring colour to your garden throughout spring and summer.

Instant Meadows Available to sow as Seeds

Instant Meadows Available to sow as Seeds

The plants will continue to produce new bulbs each year making the following years display even more impressive.

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