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We are pleased to announce the proud winner of the Family Zone competition that ended recently.  She is Susie Talbot of Riverside Barn, Lancashire.

Susie opted for a Waste Buster Wormery as her prize.  Recycleworks Ltd do a great selection and she chose one with a window so her children could watch all of the worm activity going on inside.

Her wormery has been installed for a few weeks now and we were keen to find out what she thought of it.  This is what she said:

“With two small children and a busy Bed and Breakfast, we find we generate a fair few food scraps, tea bags, etc and so I was very keen to find a way of reducing the amount we throw away.

The wormery is great and the whole family is so excited about it.  It is very satisfying to separate out our food scraps for the worms, and the wormery is perfect for the children – just the right height for them to go and put the food in themselves.  The window is also brilliant and the worms seem to have really captured the children’s interest.

Susie and her son Tom with their new wormery.

Susie and her son Tom with their new wormery.

I’m so glad I went for a wormery it’s so satsifying to be putting our kitchen scraps to such good use!”

If you missed out on our last round of competitions, the good news is we are now running a new Family Zone Competition and School Zone Competition. Both end on 31st July and we are offering some fabulous gardening and wildlife prizes from the Recycleworks Ltd .  Do take a look and why not have a go – you could be a winner!!

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Welcome to the Gardeningwithchildren.co.uk blog.

This is the blog for the new Gardening With Children website, which went live on January 20th 2009.

The Gardening with Children Homepage

We hope you enjoy it.  Please let us know your comments.

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