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We are now at the peak time for planning the vegetable garden for the growing season ahead.  With all those seed catalogues to sift through the options can seem endless. 

If you use a crop rotation system you may also be thinking about which crops to grow where for the best results.  If you are new to crop rotation take a look at our simple and free Essential Guide to Crop Rotation.  Crop rotation not only avoids the build up of pests and diseases in the soil, it can also improve soil structure and fertility.

If you are planning the school or nursery garden, it is important to think about crops which can be harvested during term time, and likewise if you are going away for a summer holiday.  To make our planning easier we use this very clever Vegetable Planning Chart and the Vegetable Growing Guide.

Vegetable Planning Chart The Vegetable Growing Guide

The bar charts on the Vegetable Planning Chart provide a visual guide for timing the sowing and planting, growing and harvesting of a large range of vegetable crops. 

The chart also includes suggestions for simple garden layout, planning and ground preparation and successful crop rotation for three years, along with tips for successful organic gardening and soil fertility.

The beautiful full colour Vegetable Growing Guide provides vital information in an easy and quick reference format for use by organic gardeners throughout the year.  There is information on how and when to sow, plant, space, feed, harvest and store 50 different vegetable crops.

Both charts are designed to be displayed on the wall for easy and quick reference.

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