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Meet our delightful family of Wurzels Napus and Cascara Wurzel and their two children Compo Wurzel and Tumshie Wurzel.  They will entertain your family and share their great sense of fun with you for years.

All these fun scarecrows come dressed in their own pair of brand new jeans, T shirt and cravat and can be positioned right away.

Their arms are articulated and bend allowing you to  change their posture and their clothes, They will sit down or stand at home, in a garden or field.

Scarecrows are a fabulously imaginative present for Christmas, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night or Birthdays and Anniversaries They are unique.

Dress your Scarecrow as a Member of your team, your school or a favoured character. The possibilities are endless. Every scarecrow will differ slightly owing to the nature of being hand-made, and using different facial features and clothes. Distinguishing features will be individual and therefore differ slightly with each member of the Wurzel family but there will remain a family likeness. Re-use any packaging to stuff the clothes.

This wonderful family of handmade articulated Scarecrows will quickly become part of your own family. They assume a sort of life of their own and watch out, they can suddenly put their arms round you, quite unexpectedly!

Napus and Cascara extended stand about 2m high, including the removable standing post which needs to go 40cm in the ground.  Teenagers, Neep and Tumshie Wurzel are 1.75cm tall inclusive of post as above.  For all the details of how to buy your very own to keep click here.


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