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If like most gardeners at the moment , you are struggling to plant out your young plants with all these chilly winds and cool nights, why not consider buying a polytunnel.  I have had the allotment for over 10 years and this year, with the installation of a polytunnel I feel like I have entered a whole new world of gardening! 

With the wet and chilly summer weather of recent years I have struggled with some of the sensitive vegetables, and last year once again, I had difficulty producing a crop of outdoor tomatoes.  So I thought that the investment in a polytunnel might improve our success and increase the range of plants we can grow

…And so far I have been delighted.  Like many fellow allotmenteers I have trays of early lettuces, rocket etc all ready to plant out.  But with continuing cool temperatures those who have been brave enough to put them out in the plot have found that unless the plants have been covered with a cloche or fleece, they have either died of fright at the inclement temperatures or have just stopped growing.

The plants in the polytunnel have been telling a very different story though.  Lettuces are almost ready to harvest, tomatoes are growing inches each week and seedlings are germinating literally overnight. 

Without the effects of the wind, temperatures inside have been ticking along nicely in the early twenties and during more prolonged periods of  sunshine have climbed even higher.  …And with no birds to peck about and no slug damage to date I am a complete polytunnel convert.

Lettuces growing outside and protected with cloches


The same lettuces grown in the polytunnel


Little Gem lettuces growing outside and protected with fleece

The same batch of Little Gem lettuces sown in the polytunnel

Plus polytunnels are a great space to do gardening with children.  I have a small table in the corner of mine where the children can make notes, draw pictures and take measurements of the plants.  …And when the weather is wet or windy activities can carry on unhindered!

…And for everything you have ever wanted to know about owning your own polytunnel, the Polytunnel Handbook is an indispensible guide.  Full of practical advice and handy hints it shows how your polytunnel can stay productive in every season.


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