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This week we had a question from Johanna which we thought we would share – along with our advice…

Dear Gardening With Children,

Each of our classrooms has a large flower bed which has just been tidied up.  What should we plant next or should we wait till next year?  Are we too late to plant winter salad or rocket.  How about bulbs?

Here is our reply –

Hello there Johanna
Thanks for your question.  With all the cold and frosty weather it is probably a little bit late to sow winter salads unless you have a polytunnel.

You could plant bulbs now and they will give a lovely display of early spring colour. For our favourite varieties click here

It is worth bearing in mind that some varieties of bulb will not flower until later in the spring though, so if you are planning to sow early vegetables it may be best not to sow bulbs in every bed. There is something magical about bulbs though – the children plant them, forget them and then weeks or months later a beautiful display of flowers appear.

Viola and wallflower plants can also be planted now. They are available at local garden centres and will flower right through the winter months.

If you would like to sow a vegetable at this time of year broad beans can be planted now and will be ready to harvest earlier than spring sown varieties. You will need to buy an autumn sowing variety though.

…And its worth remembering, if you want to give seedlings a headstart in the new year, begin germinating seeds in propagators on the classroom windowsills. 

I hope this helps – happy gardening!


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A bright and blustery autumn day is the perfect time to go outside and plant bulbs with children.  …And once the fun

of planting them is over, the wonderful thing about bulbs is that they are completely forgotten about until the depths of winter or early spring when they begin to come to life.

…And you don’t even need a container or specially cultivated area to plant them.  Bulbs will do well in lawns, under trees and at the bottom of hedges.


When sowing, adults can use the handy Bulb Planter to create the holes.  Simply by pushing the planter into the soil and twisting, this clever invention makes a hole that is ideal for planting bulbs in.  The little hands can then follow behind popping the bulbs in. 


The Bulb Planter then releases the plug of soil you have just removed – ready for placing on top of the newly planted bulbs.

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Each week we have been finding our favourite bulbs, and this week it’s the turn of  this fabulous Spring Bulb Collection from Recycle Works Ltd


It comprises 10 bulbs from each of the following varieties and they are ideal for growing in Traditional Raised Beds:

  • Puschkinia Libanotica
  • Chionodoxa Luciliae
  • Anemone de Caen
  • Galanthus Nivalis (Single Snowdrops)
  • Anemone Blanda Mixed
  • Dutch Crocus Blue
  • Muscari Armeniacum
  • Narcissus Tete a Tete
  • Tulip Red (Mme Lefeber)
  • Species Crocus Mixed

The 100 bulbs when planted out will take up an area of 1m x 2.5m and can be planted along with the Instant Meadows to give bring colour to your garden throughout spring and summer.

Instant Meadows Available to sow as Seeds

Instant Meadows Available to sow as Seeds

The plants will continue to produce new bulbs each year making the following years display even more impressive.

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Each week we are choosing our favourite bulbs for springtime and this week it is the turn of these beautiful Mickey Mouse Tulips


Available in lots of either 100 or 1000, we have chosen these Tulip bulbs, primarily for our Traditional Raised Beds, however they will look just as good anywhere else in your garden.

The bulbs will dispatched directly from the grower and so will be in prime condition.  If you would like to receive your order of bulbs in October please make sure you place your order with us by no later than 9th October 2009.

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Now is the time to begin choosing your bulbs for next spring.

Over the next few weeks we will be telling you about some of our favourite varieties.


This week it’s the turn of the spring garden bulb Yellow Crocus. Available in lots of either 100 or 1000, these are perfect to grow in a Traditional Raised Beds, however they will look just as good anywhere else in your garden.

There are also many different bulb selections to choose from so why not have a browse through and order in time for autumn planting.

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