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The CD ‘Buzzing’ by  Anneliese Emmans Dean arrived in the office this week and it has really got Sylvia buzzing! With the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth,  we should not forget that it was diversity and adaptations of this planets most abundant group, that kindled his theory of evolution.



It is a CD of poetry dedicated to all the ‘creepy crawlies’ we find in the garden, accompanied by photos of the  ‘subjects’ taken by Annelsie herself.

The “Buzzing” CD comprises 63 original poems written and performed by Anneliese, with musical stings by John Rayson, and a 16-page colour booklet including over 80 of Anneliese’s acclaimed close-up photos of garden mini-beasts.

Here’s a taster!

A heartfelt lament

It’s difficult being a dung-fly
It would be easy but for my name
If I weren’t called a dung-fly
I’d be free of this sense of shame

Maybe I’m just oversensitive
Maybe the others don’t care
But being named after cow poo
Well, I think that’s awfully unfair

Look, this is me on a foxglove
And here, on a pieris twig
I’m really quite cosmopolitan
But the nomenclaturists don’t give a fig

My Latin name’s not much better
In fact, it’s even worse
Scathophaga stercoraria
Not much short of a curse

Yes OK, I like dung, I admit it
I like it a lot, it’s true
But there’s more to life than cow pats
There’s more to me than poo

Future parents take note, I implore you
Think hard before naming your child
Choose a name that will bring them happiness
Not one that will drive them wild!

‘Copyright Anneliese Emmans Dean’

The CD is available from our website or you can visit Annelise’s blog to catch up on when and where she will performing her poetry.

This CD is a ‘National Insect Week’ Recommended Resource and will be an extreemly useful teaching tool.

Here are some comments!

“Anneliese Emmans Dean has discovered the poetry in insects and knows a lot about them as well.  She has the Buzz!”   Quentin Blake

‘Your Buzzing! CD is wonderful. We put it on in the office when someone needs cheering up. ‘Dung fly’ is a particular favourite!’
The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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