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If you follow our blog regularly you will know that we received our lovely Mushroom Growing Kit a few weeks ago.  We were very excited and took it straight home to get started.  The kit includes full, easy to follow instructions along with everything you need to get a good crop of mushrooms!

First we took the casing soil, placed it in a bucket and added some tap water.  We then covered it in some foil and left it for 24 hours.

Next we opened the growing kit which was full of mushroom spores.  We gently spread the moist casing soil evenly over the top of the kit. 

We then sprayed the soil with a hand spray everyday to keep it nice and moist.  We kept the kit closed in between times to keep the atmosphere inside damp. 

Very soon the compost became covered with small white dots – the beginnings of our mushrooms!

We kept spraying the soil to keep it moist and on day 7 we installed the water reservoir (included in the kit).

After around 3 and a half weeks our mushrooms were big enough to start picking.  It is best to pick them when they are around 3-5cm in size.  We have a steady stream still coming and pick a handful every few days! 

The kit has been fantastic fun for the family ..the children’s expectation and excitement making it so much fun …And as the mushrooms literally double in size some nights, we now understand where the description of something having mushroomed, comes from!!

 To buy your own Mushroom Growing Kit click HERE.  …And visit the blog next week for our favourite mushroom recipe!

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