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Dinosaur garden

Children have a great imagination and love being outdoors so… this half term holiday why not take the toys outside and make a miniature garden, there are lots of themes that you could choose, here are a few suggestions:

A Farm complete with tractors and farm animals

A Railway with trains, tracks, bridges, people and stations

Wild West with Cowboys, Indians, horses with Sand, Cacti and Succulents

Construction Site with Diggers, Trucks, sand and gravel, why not use your sand pit

An Enchanted garden with Fairies, wooden toadstools, small animals

Prehistoric Garden with dinosaurs, volcanos

Jungle with lions, tigers, monkeys,

Creepy Crawly World with bugs, spiders and minibeasts

A traditional mini garden complete with paths, flower and vegetable beds and a scarecrow

Choosing your container

You can make your garden any size you like why not use an ice cream container, seed tray, large pot, window box, old sink, plastic storage box, or make it on the lawn, in the sandpit or in a corner of your garden.


As well as your toys have a look around your garden/kitchen/play room for props and accessories.

Lollipop sticks and twigs can be made into fences, gravel and pebbles into paths, shallow containers, lids, tin foil or mirrors can be used to make a pond, use sand to create a desert or beach, Small rocks, old branches and pieces of bark to create a jungle/woodland feel. Girls may wish to use Coloured aquarium gravel, glass pebbles or sand with shells and beads why not sprinkle glitter for frost or as fairy dust, you can also use modelling clay to make any extras.


You can use freshly picked flowers from your garden these need to be put in water and sadly will not last very long, it is better to use plants that are growing that way the children will see their garden mature and develop and be encouraged to look after it, if you are using plants in a container check that there are adequate drainage holes at the base. Ferns and grasses are good structural plants, moss can be used as a lawn, low, small and slow growing plants such as Alpines and Thymes are ideal, Cress can be used to fill any gaps, dried Seed heads, tree seeds and cases (an acorn shell makes a nice cup) can be used, plant ivy at the edges to trail over the sides and hide your container.

There are so many variations let your imagination go wild.

Have lots fun and enjoy your holiday


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