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In Britain we love to talk about the weather it must be our favourite topic of conversation, over the past week it will have been discussed a lot, the weather has been dreadful, very wet and very windy in fact you could call it extreme.


This picture was taken on Sunday 15th November at about 12 noon and shows the point where the Duddel Brook meets the River Ribble, you can just make out the polytunnels and cabins on the flooded allotments at the back.

My allotment has been flooded twice in 5 days, not just by inches but over 4 foot of muddy brown water, it is in a lovely position but the allotments are one of the first areas in the village to flood, it is surrounded on one side by the River Ribble and two of the other sides by the Duddel Brook, it has flooded many times and is something that we prepare for, at this time of year I have very little growing, and try to harvest my crops by October, I leave very little equipment there and remove or secure things that may get washed away, there was very little harm done, unlike a flash flood in Summer which can be devastating and ruin many crops.

I am interested in the weather and regularly look online at the forecast, I was thrilled when the BBC launched ‘BBC Weather Watchers’ so today I have signed up online and posted my first weather report.

Once you have joined you can post your weather reports, have a look at other weather reports near where you are, and read lots of weather information and interesting facts and of course see the weather forecast.

To create a report choose a weather symbol to illustrate your weather, then add the temperature and also download your photograph to illustrate the weather at your location (photographs must be of places and not include any people), there are advanced settings for people with data gathering equipment who can also include the rainfall, air pressure, wind speed and direction and air humidity, you can post up to 10 new reports a day and even add a report for yesterday or last week there is lots of guidance and information on how to measure the weather to help you.

This is a great activity that you can do at home or at School, you have to be 16 or over to join, set up and oversee the account, but parents and teachers are welcome to involve children in their care.

I think it is very interesting, there is nothing more changeable and unpredictable as the weather, why not have a look and sign up?

Enjoy the weather


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