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We all love Easter and especially Chocolate Easter Eggs but do you know when and where they were invented and by who?

The first chocolate eggs were made in France and Germany in the early nineteenth century, as the chocolate used couldn’t be moulded these eggs were solid.

In 1873 J.S. Fry & Sons, a Bristol chocolatier made the first hollow chocolate Easter egg.

In 1875 Cadbury entered the market producing hollow Easter eggs in dark chocolate with a smooth surface which were decorated with chocolate piping and marzipan flowers, they were filled with dragees (small hard sweets).

In 1893 Cadbury was producing 19 different types of Easter egg it wasn’t until 1905 when they introduced Cadbury Dairy Milk that Easter eggs sales really took off.

The first crème eggs were launched by Cadbury in 1923 this was replaced in 1971 by the crème egg that we enjoy today.

Over 500 million Cadbury Crème eggs are made each year, in 1973 2 million exploded in a giant fridge because someone had put too much yeast in the yolks.

Each year over 80 million Easter eggs are sold, more than half of all the eggs are bought in the four days before Easter.

We spend £150 million on Easter Eggs and £70 million on crème filled eggs.

If you get too many Easter Eggs why not get creative in the kitchen and make them into delicious treats to share click here for the recipes.

Have a delicious Easter


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