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If you have had a look at The Recycleworks website you may have seen the range of Raised Bed Tools, they are made by Sneeboer who are a Dutch company that is honoured to carry the label “By Appointment to the King of the Netherlands”, each tool is made from hand forged stainless steel and produced to a very high quality.

As a keen gardener I have got a good selection of tools but I don’t have a Mattock and was quite intrigued with them when we received our first delivery of tools last year.

Sneeboer Mattock Garden Tool

The Mattock is a double sided tool which means that it is two tools in one making it very economical and also very practical when you are gardening; the stainless steel head consists of a flat bladed hoe at one side with a three pronged fork opposite.

The Hoe can be used to break up and loosen soil with a pulling action as well as removing weeds, once weeded the soil needs to be raked (using the fork) to remove large lumps of soil and stones and then leveled, now you are ready for planting/sowing.

Use the Hoe to dig out planting Holes or make Seed drills using the corner of the blade, for larger seeds such as Peas make a shallow trench using the Hoe or make a furrow if you are planting potatoes, once your potatoes have come through use the Hoe again to earth them up (cover the leaves with soil). The compact size of the head makes weeding between your crops very easy.

I am very impressed with the Mattock it is a well-balanced lightweight tool that is easy to use, the ash handle is warm and comfortable to hold, it will stand up to lots of wear and tear and last a lifetime, I would definitely recommend one, they are ideal for using in Raised Beds and smaller gardens. On Friday evening whilst watching a popular gardening programme on television I noticed that one of the presenters was using a spade made by Sneeboer this confirms how good these tools are, have a look at our full range here.

 Sneeboer childrens garden tool selection


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March is here and we are in celebratory mood, with spring just around the corner.  Our competitions this month have a spring time feel too, and we hope you have lots of fun entering. 

As usual we have a Family Competition and a School CompetitionThere are some great prizes up for grabs – all perfect for gardening in the spring.  Here is how to enter…


March is special because on 21st of the month it is the first day of spring!  Can you describe 4 signs of spring that you might be able to spot at this time of year?

The winning school will receive 3 fabulous Spring Garden in a Box Groboxes plus one of our beautiful and informative Vegetable Planning Charts and a Gardener’s Apprentice Digging Spade.  Specially designed for kids the lightweight spade is beautifully crafted in solid wood and stainless steel.  The closing date is 31st March 2010, so send your entry today.

Email your entry to competitions@gardeningwithchildren.co.uk  by 31st March 2010. 

Or if you prefer, complete the entry form available here and send it by post to:

School Competition, Gardening With Children, Unit 1, Bee Mill, Ribchester, Preston. PR3 3XJ


The 21st March is the first day of spring.  This date is also known as the spring equinox but what does it mean?
If you know you could win a Spring Garden in a Box Grobox  plus a Kids Garden Toolkit.  Including a spade, long handled brush, hand trowel, hand fork and gloves, the toolkit has everything to get a young gardener off to a great start in spring!  The closing date is on 31st March 2010 so enter today!

Email your entry to competitions@gardeningwithchildren by  31st March 2010

Or if you prefer, fill out the form available here and send it by post to:

Family Competition, Gardening With Children, Unit 1, Bee Mill, Ribchester, Preston. PR3 3XJ

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