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If you want an ‘early’ spring display and to fill the air with scent at Christmas now is the time to plant your indoor Hyacinth bulbs.

When choosing your bulbs buy the ‘prepared’ varieties, pick ones that are firm and show no signs of disease or damage, it is advisable to wear gloves when handling the bulbs as hyacinths can sometimes cause skin irritation. If you are planting a few bulbs in a bowl use all the same variety as different varieties can flower at different times.

The best compost to use is bulb compost, especially if your container does not have any drainage holes.

Wet the compost first and place some in the bottom of your bowl or pot.

Gently place your bulbs on the compost so that they are not touching each other or the sides of the pot.

Hyacinths can be grown in various containers

Place more compost around the bulbs to within 1cm of the top of the pot to allow for watering, the tops of the bulbs should be showing.

Place you bulbs somewhere dark and cool, about 9C, cover with a black plastic bag if there is any light, check your bulbs once a week and water lightly if the compost is drying out.

Once the shoots reach 4-5cm in height (approx. 10 weeks) bring the bulbs into the light, but not in direct sunlight and preferably away from a heat source, once the flowers have established you can move them to their final flowering positions, the flowers will last longer if they are kept in a cooler room.

Bulbs can be grown in clear plastic or glass vases or even on the top of a jam jar, this will allow you to watch their roots grow which is fascinating for children to see. Fill the vase/jam jar with water to just below the base of the bulb so that the bulb does not touch the water and follow the instructions as above, topping up with water if necessary but without it touching the base of the bulb.

Indoor Pink Hyacinth Basket

Indoor Pink Hyacinth Basket

Have a look at our new range of Indoor Bulb Growing Kits which contain all you need to grow a stunning display; they make a fabulous Christmas or Birthday Present or even a nice treat for yourself.

My bulbs are now nicely tucked away in the dark.


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