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Many children have been learning about the first and second World Wars at school, this Monday is Remembrance Day it is also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day, it is a memorial day celebrated by all the commonwealth countries to honour and remember the brave civilians and members of the armed forces. November 11th was selected to commemorate the end of World War 1 in 1918, the war officially ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month it was at this time that the Germans signed the Armistice which ended it officially.

The Poppy is a significant part of this day because of the world famous poem ‘In Flanders Field’ written by Lt Colonel John McRae, it is a poem about his experience on the battlefields which were filled with bright red poppies and so it is now a symbol of Remembrance Day.

To mark the 100th Anniversary of the start of World War 1 next year, The Royal British Legion in partnership with B & Q has launched The Centenary Poppy Campaign to get people to sow millions of ‘Flanders’ Poppy Seeds in gardens throughout Britain, the seeds are available now and for each packet purchased a donation will be made to The Royal British Legion who is the UK’s leading Service charity providing care and support to serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans of all ages and their families.

How to grow your Poppies

When – Sow your Poppy Seeds from March to June or from September to October. They will flower in the summer months – June, July, August.

Where – Poppies like to grow outside, sow them in the garden in a sunny position where they are to flower or if you are short of space they can be grown in pots of compost.

How – Rake the soil until it is fine and crumbly, removing any lumps, stones or weeds. The seeds can either be scattered thinly or thinly sown in rows, lightly rake the soil to lightly cover the seeds, and water in.

Aftercare – As they begin to grow thin out the seedling so that the plants are 15-25cm apart, remove any weeds and water during dry weather.

Poppies are not only beautiful they are beneficial to Bees and Insects too.

Dave Moretta does one a day

Dave is the local guy with a big heart and a resolute character, he is running a marathon in memory of 18 of his colleagues he has served with and who lost their lives serving the country, he is running not just one marathon but eighteen in a row, daily. Have a look at his Facebook page by clicking here. He finishes on Remembrance Sunday. You will see why he is so motivated. He would be overjoyed if you were to donate a small contribution to his cause. Thank you.


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