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After the over-indulgence that often happens over Christmas, it’s good to move into the new year with thoughts of recycling and cutting down on our waste production.  

With the Bokashi Bucket, every time you have scraps to throw, be it meat, fish or vegetable, just open the lid and drop them in the Bokashi Bucket along with a ‘sprinkling’ of the Bokashi Bran and re-seal the lid.  …And by using the Effective Micro-organisms in the bran there will be no smells to worry about!

When the bucket is full, leave for two weeks with the lid sealed and then either dig the resultant Bokashi into the garden or add to your compost heap. As the Bokashi is ‘composting’ in the Bokashi bucket, a nutrient rich liquor is produced and this can be collected every couple of days using the tap on the bucket.  Dilute the liquor with water at 1:100 and use as plant feed throughout the home and garden.

We recommend the purchase of two Bokashi buckets, so that when one is full and ‘composting’, you have a spare to start filling – there is a considerable saving if you purchase two buckets at the same time.

For all your recycling needs visit www.recycleworks.co.uk.

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