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Sowing Names With Seeds
If there is any space left in the garden, or if a space appears where crops have been harvested, why not let your children sow some seeds in the shape of their initials or first name (depending on length of name and space available?!)

Prepare an area of soil, dig it over and rake it ready for sowing seeds. Then take a peice of chalk and write the childs name / initials onto the soil. Older children will be able to do this themselves.

Next sprinkle seeds such as cress on top of the chalk letters. Sow quite thickly to get a good end result. Gently cover with soil without disturbing the seeds and then water well. Watch carefully of over the next few days and watch as the letters begin to grow!

New Potatoes for Christmas
My daughters usually start talking about Christmas in August, which I have to say I generally discourage. But this year I intend to channel all that expectant energy into sowing potatoes for Christmas Day!, There are lots of bargains to be had on buying Potato Sacs with the seed potatoes included, or you can purchase separately. And if you bought potato sacs in spring these can of course be reused.

Plant our ‘Nicola’ seed potatoes, in stock now, until the end of August and have freshly picked new potatoes on Christmas Day. If you plant too many the ‘surplus’ will make wonderful last minute presents. Big smiles all round!

Keep the Kids Happy On Holiday
This great idea comes from Friends of the Earth and we think its fantastic!Don’t pack loads of toys for your trip. Instead, when you arrive at your holiday destination, go into the local charity shop and buy some toys. Let the kids play with them on holiday and then before you leave donate them back. Think of it like a toy library while helping a charity make some money.


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Hi everyone! We thought you’d love reading this post we received this week from Anthea Guthrie who contacted us regarding donating some of our fabulous children’s gardening products for a talk she’s going to be giving in April at the Cardiff RHS Show regarding her work at Heronbridge Special School. Anthea is an amazing garden designer and her passion for the subject is never ending!
This picture is the ‘Slugger Off’ Garden and to read lots more about it, simply click on the picture and you’ll go straight to the site.
The 'Slugger Off' Garden which will be recycled and planted back at Heronbridge Special School after the show.

The 'Slugger Off' Garden which will be recycled and planted back at Heronbridge Special School after the show.

“Running a special needs school kitchen garden is never dull – every week the children amaze me.  No matter what their challenges every child can join in in some way – favourites are sweeping up fallen leaves, watering in the rain and for a teenager in a wheelchair, a chance to show off his good upper body strength by digging.  Some kids are phobic about soil and dirt but seem happy to join in if they wear gloves.  If all a child can do is  point to the right place for someone else to plant a tree or scatter birdseed, they can all take part.
Huge excitement this week as the we are taking possession of an Eglu and it is time to go hen shopping.  We are also about to put up a wireless CCTV nest box in time for the first brood of the season, and install our new wormery.
Can’t wait for the first eggs!”

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