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The Garden Grobox is a great growing experience to brighten up any garden

It’s a time saving, convenient way of gardening whilst working in harmony with the environment.  ….And it produces great results every time, in just a few simple steps.
The biodegradable box is planted in the ground, or in a tub or window box.  The box contains carefully selected plants (either bulbs or seeds) that have been carefully arranged and spaced in the boxes inner compartments by horticulturist, Jayne Lawton.   In this way the plants are given the optimum space for growth.
We currently have three Garden Groboxes to choose from. 
The   Grobox Garden contains a selection of flower bulbs.
The bulb varieties vary depending on the season in which you buy your grobox, but each variety offers beautiful flowering results year on year.
The Grobox Organic Vegetable Garden in a box  contains a variety of vegetables, which varies depending on the season but typically includes onions, peas, beans, lettuces, rocket, cabbages, courgettes and carrots. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Grobox Sunshine Garden in a Box is a growing experience to brighten up any summer garden and contains Anemones, Crocosima, Narcissus, Oxalis and Puschkinia
The GroBox is made from recycled cardboard and acts as an insulator for the plants, protecting them from prolonged cold, ground frosts and pests.  The cardboard also contains a conditioner so when it degrades it releases nutrients increasing the fertility of the soil around the plants. This means that it can be planted almost anywhere in the garden regardless of soil quality, drainage or fertility.
Soil quality in Britain is in decline even though there is a government strategy in place to try and protect it.   Being organic the GroBox is an environmentally friendly EcoBox which improves the fertility of life-soil whilst giving great crops of flowers and vegetables.

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