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During our two week holiday a lot of the vegetables in the garden and on the allotment have really come on and are now ready for picking.

Onions drying out

One of the first jobs on the allotment was to lift the onions whilst the weather was dry, you may remember that the allotment was badly flooded in June and my onions have suffered considerably, about 20% have gone rotten and well over half of the remainder are small with very few growing to their full size. With the forecast for more rain I lifted all the onions, filled the wheelbarrow, and brought them back home to dry out in the greenhouse away from any more potential floods. I laid them out on the staging, on newspaper, in full sun removing any outer ‘soft’ layers, I am not too sure about their winter storage potential so we are eating them now and they are fine.

Gardener’s Delight

The tomatoes in the greenhouse are ripening fast, there were only a few ready before we went away but those sunny, warm days seem to have started a chain reaction. They taste wonderful and the smell of the tomato plants takes me right back to my childhood. I have grown three varieties this year, Gardener’s Delight – cherry size, delicious in salads/lunch boxes/picnics, Alicante – medium size, ideal for slicing and cooking, Fantasio – medium to large fleshy fruits, perfect for chutney and soup. We still need lots more sunny weather to ensure that all the tomatoes ripen, as you can see in the photo I have removed most of the lower leaves to expose the tomatoes to the sun and allow the air to circulate around them, some of the lower trusses were sitting on the soil so I have put a seed tray under them to stop them rotting, keep them clean and also away from the slugs. My plants have reached the greenhouse roof so I have pinched out the growing tip (two leaves after the top truss) and any remaining side shoots this will direct the plants energy into developing and ripening the existing fruit. Regular watering is very important to prevent blossom end rot and the fruits splitting, feed regularly with tomato fertilizer.

Gardener’s Delight

If the weather is good this bank holiday weekend, get out in the garden and enjoy.


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On my Allotment things are really starting to grow despite the cool and wet weather.

Onion Sets

The onion sets I planted in March are really doing well, I planted out 7 rows with only one bulb ‘missing’, usually a lot of them are pulled out by the birds but as a deterrent I placed my old autumn fruiting raspberry canes (which I had just cut down) across the bed and this seemed to work, I would recommend covering sets with fleece, netting or cloches until the sets have rooted. Back in November last year I planted some winter onion sets these were not as successful with about a quarter ‘missing’ probably down to mice/rabbits/frost or the wet weather, but I managed to carefully transplant them to make 5 rows. The sets become well rooted over winter with a small amount of top growth but come spring they really get growing a lot faster and produce an earlier crop of onions. My onions and garlic need to be kept weed free and well watered in dry weather, the onions will benefit from a top dressing of general fertilizer such as organic Chicken Poo in about a month.

Elephant Garlic

I bought 3 elephant garlic bulbs from The Recycleworks as I had not grown these before and I was rather curious because of their large size, I planted these at the end of March and I am very pleased as they now have some very strong healthy tops.

We still have some of last years leeks left which are delicious especially in Leek and Bacon Quiche, Leek Parsnip and Potato Bake and Leek Soup.  They will need eating soon before they go to seed and I need their space to grow peas, which is one of my next jobs.

The strawberry plants have plenty of flowers on them but quite a few have been caught by the weekend frosts I would have covered them with fleece if I hadn’t been away.

I planted most of my seed potatoes at the end of April a little later than I intended due to the weather. When their shoots emerge they will need ‘earthing up’ by scraping up the surrounding soil to create ridges along the rows of plants.

Greenhouse Tomato

In the greenhouse I have planted out my tomatoes in their final growing position and provided canes for support as they are indeterminate varieties (this means that I will need to remove the side shoots that grow between the leaf node and the main stem) and they grow taller than bush varieties.

Seeds I need to sow next include: Sweetcorn – singly in 8cm pots. French Beans – singly in 8cm pots. Herbs – Basil, Coriander and Parsley – a few seeds per 8cm pots, Rocket – in a small seed tray. Mixed Salad Leaves – in a small seed tray. Courgette –singly in 8cm pots sowing the seeds on their edge. Pumpkin – singly in 8cm pots sowing the seeds on their edge. Sunflowers – singly in 8cm pots.

Sowing Mustard and Cress

I must remember to ask Thomas if he can sow some more mustard and cress seeds in his Mini Propagator the last batch has nearly all been eaten, they are delicious in salads and sandwiches and are great fun for children to grow too.

Mustard and Cress ready to eat

Must get on, lots to do

Happy Growing


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