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 Now is the perfect time to be harvesting the gooseberries and being a lover of all things fattening, I couldn’t resist turning just a few of mine into a beautifully indulgent Gooseberry Fool. 

So if you too would like to have a go at making this heavenly dessert read on.


500g gooseberries
100g sugar
half pint double cream
few drops of vanilla essence
dash of elderflower cordial to taste


Top and tail the gooseberries and place in a saucepan

Add two or three tablespoons of sugar and heat through for a few minutes on a low heat

Allow the gooseberries to soften nicely, add the remaining sugar and then continue heating to allow for some of the water to evaporate

Take care to stir the mixture and avoid allowing it to burn onto the bottom of the pan

Remove from the heat and leave to cool

Sieve the mixture to remove skins, seeds etc

Stir in a dash of elderflower cordial and taste.  Add more if desired

In a separate bowl whip up the cream

Fold the gooseberries carefully into the cream

Place in the fridge to chill

Find a large bowl, a quiet moment and enjoy!

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