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Burnt shed

The remains of our shed and its contents

Life is full of ups and downs, the big plus this year has been the weather but on the downside at the end of June, our garden shed caught fire and burnt down completely to the ground along with all its contents. The shed was full, as I am sure most of yours are, it contained a vast number of DIY tools and accessories, fishing equipment, garden furniture and most of my gardening tools and sundries. As we watched the flames, our feelings were of disbelief and despair which then changed to shock and loss the next day as it all became ‘real’, although 99% of the items will be replaced there are certain treasured items that simply are irreplaceable.

I cannot live without ….


My long handled fork, and spade are two items that cannot be replaced like for like they belonged to my grandparents, who were both keen gardeners, they had smooth, warm and very comfortable wooden handles, the metal fork tines and spade head had been worn down by a third of their original size making them an ideal size for me to use.

My secuteurs, hand fork and trowel, are the tools that I use the most, I always keep them handy when I am in the garden or on the allotment, the fork and trowel were stainless steel and had wooden handles, I shall choose the same again as they are strong and very comfortable to hold.

My rake, was mainly used on the allotment for levelling soil and creating a fine ‘tilth’ ready for planting and sowing seeds whilst being invaluable in Autumn for collecting fallen leaves.

My garden kneeler will definitely be replaced, it is surprising how much stick your knees take, you only have one pair so look after them.

My gardening gloves, I didn’t use to wear gardening gloves when I was younger but now I cannot do without them they protect my hands and enable me to handle prickly plants or rough objects.

My trusty trug is where I kept all my hand tools in one easy to find place, it then doubled up as a weeding bucket when on the allotment.

There are so many other bits and pieces many of which you don’t realise have gone until you need them.

I can live without …

There are quite a lot of items which I will not be replacing like for like some of which we inherited with the house and some which I am afraid to say I bought when we began work on our overgrown and neglected garden.


Slugs were are huge problem initially, as well as picking them off I used to put down blue pellets to control them but since learning what a harmful and devastating effect they can have on animals, pets and birds the tub stayed put on the top shelf, to control any future slug problems I will now be using Slug Gone or Nemaslug.


In the shed there were quite a lot of harmful pesticides in small numbers aphids and ants are not such a problem and provide an easy meal for the birds but as numbers can quickly multiply I shall make sure that I have some Nemasys No Ants handy.

Vine weevils can really be a problem and it is usually too late for your crops when you discover that you have them, they are quite difficult to get rid of and thrive in pots and containers Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer will definitely be on my shopping list.


I shall not be replacing the weedkillers that we initially used to clear the garden. Now that it is heavily planted there are very few weeds about, those that appear I tend to leave, weeds are actually wild flowers many of which are beneficial to insects, although on the allotment weeds do need removing as they compete with your crops for light, food and water I shall be investing in a weeder and continuing to doing the job by hand.

Our garden is very much a wildlife haven containing nectar rich plants, wild corners, a pond and a variety of bird feeders, these attract and provide habitat for hoverflies, beetles, hedgehogs, frogs and birds who happily eat my unwanted pests.

Many of us have tools/items that are special to us and we really cannot live without if you do then why not let Sylvia know and you could win a fantastic prize see below for full details.

Your Favourite Things

Imagine you have been shipwrecked on a Desert island and you will have to grow your own food. The wild crops you find on the island already will not give you a balanced diet so you will have to create a garden. You can grow anything in your garden that you can grow at home. You are allowed to take one gardening item with you. What will it be?

What is YOUR most important ‘thing’ when you are gardening? Have you a single inanimate gardening object you would take with you to your desert island? Send your entry to sylvia@recycleworks.co.uk and we will pick out a winner on 30th September. Multiple entries – one entry per email address.

It can be something you inherited from a great aunt. It can be something you made for yourself. It can be something new or old but to win it needs to be something that you as a gardener would never want to part with.

Enter over the month of September and the winner will receive a prize of a Superior Long Raised Bed 30cm deep and 4 bags of Vegetable Compost.

Editor’s decision final. We will look at all the entries and award to the entry we like the best.
Good Luck

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