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If you are looking for funding for your gardening project and have a Waitrose store nearby you might be interested in the Waitrose Community Matters scheme.

It is designed to help put a share of Waitrose profits back into local communities which is done by supporting three local charities or good causes each month. 

This includes welfare organisations, community groups and schools.

Since its launch in 2008,it has donated over £3 million to a wide range of charities and community groups.

Each Waitrose branch has £1000.00 per month which is divided proportionally between three nominated local organisations.

If you would like to nominate your organisation, why not pick up a nomination form from the Customer Service Welcome Desk at your local branch.

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Here at Gardening With Children we are always inspired to hear about your school and community projects.  From starting up a gardening club to creating a community wildlife garden or even developing a school farm.

And for any project to succeed it seems to need a little bit of vision, heaps of enthusiasm and also very often some financial help. 

That is why we have been working hard to find out about the funding that is out there for your school projects. 

There are many, many places to go for funding  and we have details of some of the main providers here so please do take a look.

When deciding on which funds to apply for, its important to check that your project fits well with the fund providers aims and objectives, as this way your chances of success will be so much better.

 This week we are focusing on the Ernest Cook Trust. 

The Trust is one of the Uk’s leading educational charities and has a strong ethos of learning from the land.  It has a rolling programme of grant aid which falls into either the large grants programme for projects costing over £4,000 and the small programme for projects costing up to £4,000. 

Some of the projects supported to date have provided garden starter kits, school weather stations, school chicken runs and chickens, wildlife goodies, arts workshops and much more.

For all the details on how to apply for a grant visit http://www.ernestcooktrust.org.uk/index.html.

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