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Doesn’t time fly, it’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow and Pancake Day, I have been organised this year and made my batter and a sample Pancake just to make sure that it tastes alright!


Pancakes are great fun to make and delicious to eat but did you know that:

The average Briton will eat 2 Pancakes each, making a total of 117 million eaten in Britain on Pancake Day.

In Britain we will use an estimated 52 million eggs on Pancake Day that’s 22 million more than on any other day.

The world record for the most people collectively tossing Pancakes is 890 and took place in Sheffield, UK in February 2012.

The highest Pancake flipped reached a height of 9.47 metres, it was flipped by Dominic Cuzzacrea in New York USA.

The largest Pancake to be flipped was 15 metres in diameter.

The biggest Pancake ever made weighed 3 tonnes, was 2.5cm thick and measured 15 metres in diameter it was created in Rochdale, UK in 1994 by the Co-operative Union Ltd. and was estimated to contain 2 million calories.

The World record for the highest stack of Pancakes measured an incredible 76cm tall, it contained 60 large Pancakes.

Click here for my Pancake recipe or why not make a Pancake Cake click here for all the details.

Whatever you do with your pancakes, have fun!


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