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Gathering wild food can be so much fun… and hedgerows have lots to offer.  We will be giving you plenty of ideas of what’s there to be found throughout the year. 

This week we are focusing on Sloe Berries.

Traditionally used in gin here are a couple of non-alcohlic ideas of things you can do with the humble sloe!

Making Spiced Sloe Jelly

  1. Collect around 5 lb of sloes
  2. Cover with water
  3. Add 2 cinnamin sticks and about 20 cloves
  4. Simmer until tender
  5. Tip into muslin and allow juices to drip through but don’t squeeze
  6. Add 1lb sugar to 1 pint of juice approximaitely
  7. Add 1/2 pint malt vinegar
  8. Boil until mixture begins to thicken
  9. On a cool teaspoon take a sample of the mixture and see if it begins to set as it cools
  10. When it does pour the mixture into storage jars and seal
  11. This is excellent with steak and kidney pudding, game and venison. 

Making Sloe & Apple Jelly

This recipe was kindly sent in byFrederica – so many thanks and we hope you enjoy it.

  • Cook until soft equal amounts of sloes that have been pricked with a bodkin, roughly chopped windfalls or crab apples and enough water to cover
  • Tip the mixture into muslin and leave the contents to drip into a container but do not squeeze
  • Combine the juice with sugar at a ratio of 1 pint of juice to 1 lb of sugar
  • Cook until set

When collecting berries don’t forget this handy Berry Picker.  It helps in the battle against thorns and speeds up the picking as well!


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