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I had an ‘Ask the Expert’ enquiry this week from Natalie who wanted some advice on which seeds to buy from our website that she could grow at her son’s nursery garden. She wanted to grow things that the children could eat at their snack time but the only draw back was that they had to be able to pick them between now and the end of June before they break up, here was my advice:

As you are limited for time (approx. 9 weeks before the end of June) the quickest things to sow/grow/harvest would be vegetables/herbs that are grown for their leaves rather than their fruit (tomatoes) or roots (carrots, beetroot).

Mustard and Cress

Mustard and Cress are perhaps the easiest and quickest to grow and can be eaten in approx. a week, these can be sown little and often, sow indoors not too thickly on a thin layer of moist compost or moist tissues, cover with a piece of paper until they are 1”(25cm) and then cut when they are about 2”(50cm).

Salad Leaves (Red & Green mixed) are very quick to mature and their different coloured leaves look attractive.


Herbs fit nicely into this category and our Herb Variety Pack contains:

Coriander, Basil, Dill, Rocket


available to buy separately is Parsley (this can sometimes be slow to germinate)

Essential Propagator


To get them all off to a good start I would sow them in Pots/Trays in a Propagator or on a warm sunny windowsill. When they are big enough to handle re-pot them into Larger Pots/Trays with more space to grow, again returning them to the windowsill until they are large enough to plant outside when the weather if favourable.


They can be planted into Containers, Hanging Baskets, Wall Baskets, Window Boxes or Grow Bags. They are ideal for planting into Raised Beds, Salad and Herb Beds, Corner Raised Beds or Mangers.

It is advisable to protect them with Fleece if any frost is forecast until they are well established.

Salubrious Salad and Herb Bed

For best results they should be in a warm, sheltered and sunny position.

I hope that Natalie and all the children enjoy sowing and growing their seeds and they enjoy eating the lovely fresh leaves too.

Happy Growing


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Now is a great time to be getting started with your summer supply of tasty salad leaves.  There is nothing better than having a a nice selection all ready to eat when you need them. 

So for a continuous supply of salads all summer long here is how to get started.

  • Get a Container

Take a look at the Salubrious Salad Bed, the Willow Salad Planter  or the Raised Bed Single Starter Kit as these are perfect for the job. 

These containers can be located on grass, flags or tarmac and are ideal for putting just outside the kitchen door.  

  • Choose Some Seeds

Take a look at these lovely, Tasty Salad Seed Selections.  The seeds can be sown every couple of weeks over the spring and summer months to give a continuous supply of fresh, tasty salads whenever you want them.

  • Get some Good Quality Peat-Free Compost

To give your salad crops the best possible start take a look at the Vital Earth Vegetable Compost.  Found to be the BEST by WHICH, a panel of experts proved this to be the best peat-free growing media and better than all composting media (including peat-based types) in the UK. 

  • Sowing

Fill your container three quarters full with compost.  Sow your seed selection and water well. 

  • Harvesting

As the seeds begin to grow and the plants establish thin out and harvest the larger leaves.  As the weather warms there should be enough salads to harvest every few days.  Re-sow every two or three weeks for a continuous supply through the summer.

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