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Comfrey has to be one of the most useful plants to grow in the garden, and not least because it is a fantastic natural fertilister. 

Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum) and in particular the variety ‘Bocking 14’, is suitable for growing your own fertiliser.  It reaches over several feet high but as it doesn’t set seed it won’t take over the garden!

Plant in a sunny position, ideally in a permanent location as it can regenerate from pieces of root left in the soil. Space plants 3ft apart.

Do not cut in the first year. Once established, harvest the foliage four times a season. When the leaves reach to around 2 ft high you can cut it back.

A fantastic source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, put the leaves on the compost heap, and mix them with other compostable material. Use as mulch around fruit and vegetables or make a liquid feed. 
To make the liquid feed, fill a large plastic container with cut leaves and put a lid on it.
Drill a hole in the bottom of the container and raise the container above ground level. Position a collecting bottle underneath the hole . After two to three weeks, dark liquid should start to drip into the collecting bottle.

Store the liquid in a cool, dark place. To use as a liquid feed dilute one part concentrate to 10 parts water.

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