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The Red Poppy is a well-known and powerful symbol of Remembrance Day, 11th November, it is worn to commemorate the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces and to show support to those still serving today and their loved ones. This year one of the most remarkable sights must be the ceramic poppies that surround the Tower of London, the art installation is called ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ and is to mark the 100th Anniversary of the start of the first World War, its creator is ceramic artist Paul Cummins. The display consists of 888,246 poppies, each poppy represents a British military fatality during the war, all the poppies have been hand-made using techniques which potters would have used during the First World War. The poppies were put on sale by Paul Cummins Ceramics Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red CIC with the support of Historic Royal Palaces to raise money for six service charities and have now all completely sold out, every poppy being a piece of history.

If you have been inspired by the Tower of London Poppies why not have a go at your own Poppy Art and make a ‘hand’ printed Poppy painting, children love getting ‘hands on’ with paint, this will especially appeal to younger artists.

Poppy finger paint art picture

What you will need

  • Paper/card
  • Red/Black/Green washable paint
  • 3 Saucers
  • A thumb, finger and hand!

What you need to do

  1. Place each colour of paint into a separate saucer
  2. Dip your thumb into the red paint
  3. On your paper make four thumb prints in the shape of a circle, repeat to make as many poppies as you like.
  4. Dip the tip of your finger into the black paint and make a black finger print in the centre of your red thumb prints to create the black centre of the poppy flower
  5. Put the side of your hand into the green paint and place on the paper under the poppy for the stem, repeat for the leaves but move your hand slightly so that it is a bit thicker or you can of course use your finger or thumb.
  6. As well as making a picture to put on your wall, you could also make a birthday card (fold your card in half and paint on the right side of the sheet) or some bookmarks (cut your card into strips and decorate with a single poppy flower)

Get creative and have lots of fun


P.S. If you would like to grow your own Red Poppies click here for more information, Poppy Appeal packets of seeds are available to buy in shops, with a donation from each packet sold going to this worthy charity.

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If you find some slightly soft fruit and vegetables in your cupboard that are past their best why not dig out your paints and make some fun pictures with them.

Fruit and Vegetable Prints

What you will need


  • Poster paints in various colours
  • Plastic plates
  • Paint brushes
  • Knife
  • Paper or card
  • Aprons
  • Plastic Table Cloth

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Mushrooms – Cut in half lengthways or cut the stalk off to reveal the gills
  • Broccoli Heads – Keep whole, paint the heads and roll onto the paper or cut lengthways this will resemble a tree
  • Broccoli/Cabbage Leaves – paint or dip the leaves
  • Sweet corn – keep whole, paint the kernels and roll onto the paper
  • Carrots – Cut into chunks for a round print
  • Potatoes – Cut in half for a large round print or cut in half then with the flat side down cut off 3 sides to make a triangle or four sides to make a square or a rectangle
  • French/Runner Beans – Cut at an angle across the pod to make a leaf shape
  • Celery – Cut into chunks, paint the bottoms for crescents or the sides for stripes
  • Apples – Cut in half horizontally to reveal the inner star shape
  • Starfruit – Cut across to make a perfect star
  • Pomegranate – Cut in half horizontally, knock out the seeds to reveal the sections

What you need to do

  1. Cover your working surface with the plastic table cloth and put on your aprons (it can be very messy).
  2. Ask an adult to cut and prepare your vegetables as above.
  3. Put the paints onto separate plates, you may need to add a little water if they are very thick, then spread them out across the base of the plate with a paint brush.
  4. Dip you fruit/vegetables into the paints or paint them with the brush.
  5. Stamp, roll or dab your fruit/vegetables onto the paper to create your masterpiece.
  6. Leave your pictures to dry.
  7. Give your hands a really good wash!

As well as making pictures why not see if your children can identify the fruit and vegetables and where and how they grow.

When you have finished with your fruit and vegetables give them a rinse and recycle them in the Compost Bin.

Have fun


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