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Red Admiral Butterfly

What a lovely summer we have had, everything has really benefited from those long, warm, sunny days – fruit, vegetables, flowers, birds, animals, insects and of course ourselves.

During the school holidays Thomas has spent a lot of his time catching and identifying butterflies, moths and insects with the sweep net that I bought from our local hardware store, it is very similar to a fishing net but the net is about 3 times deeper and is pointed at the end. We have taken it with us on walks, visiting friends and family, on holiday, to the coast, in the fields, woods, meadows and up hills and it’s been brilliant and really interesting learning which species live where and which are the most/least common. The insect world is vast there are thousands and thousands of species out there just waiting to be explored so why not get out on a warm, dry day and see if you can catch some, if you haven’t got a sweep net have a go with a fishing net I am sure you will catch something.

Butterfly/Bee Nectar Feeding Station

Butterfly/Bee Nectar Feeding Station

As the weather has begun to get cooler and nectar rich flowers are becoming less available now is a good time to provide some extra food and a safe and dry place for our wonderful insects to roost and hibernate, we have put up a Butterfly/Bee Nectar Feeding Station next to our Buddleia Bush, whose flowers have nearly all gone to seed, and I think I might put up a Butterfly & Moth Feeder nearby too, as well as being a feeding station the insects can also roost and hibernate inside on the cassette which can be lifted out so that you can observe your guests as they rest .

Butterfly and Moth Feeder

Butterfly and Moth Feeder

If you want to catch and identify insects and bugs why not have a look at the Catcha Bug Catcher this clever little device allows you to catch them and easily observe them through the clear sides then release them without harm, it’s very handy for re-locating those large house spiders in the Autumn!

Catcha Bug - Spider & Insect Catcher

Catcha Bug Catcher

If you are interested in attracting butterflies and moths into your garden click here for lots more information.

Why not have a go at catching moths in your garden or school garden click here for full details.

Have fun, love your environment


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Thank you to everyone who entered our April May 2012 Competitions we were inundated with entries and choosing winners proved quite a challenge.

The Schools Competition was to ‘Draw a Royal Garden’, the variety of the entries and the ideas were wonderful but there could only be one winner and Southville Junior School was chosen, with the winning entry drawn by Adam. Adam has obviously put a lot of thought, time and care into his design and we loved his 3D Queen and Lions.

The winning entry by Southville Junior School

Their prizes of a Kids Standing Raised Bed Growing Table, a Gardener’s Apprentice Hand Fork and Hand Trowel, two Children’s Gardening Aprons, a Kids Traditional Watering Can and a selection of Seeds are on their way and we hope they will prove useful in their school garden.

The Family Competition was to ‘Sow and grow something you can eat on your windowsill’ again we had a great response to this competition, the winner was Sid Hunter from Hertford who grew a bean plant just like Jack and the Beanstalk. To germinate his bean Sid placed it on cotton wool so that he was able to see it growing and the roots and leaves appearing, what a great idea. Sid looks thrilled with the bean that he has grown and we hope that it will produce a good crop.

Sid and his bean

Sid’s prizes of a Children’s Mini Propagator Seed Growing Kit, A Growbox Children’s Flower Garden in a box, a Kid’s Traditional Watering Can, and a Gardener’s Apprentice Hand Fork and Trowel are on their way, we hope that he has great fun using these.

Sid watching his bean grow

Why not have a go at our current competitions; in the School Zone you could win a Solar Insect Theatre and a Butterfly and Moth Feeder by completing our Butterfly Wordsearch and in the Family Zone you could win a Solar Insect Theatre and a Butterfly Nectar Feeding Station by filling in the missing colours to complete the butterfly names.

Good Luck


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