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Many thanks to everyone who entered our autumn competition back in November.  We had so many beautiful entries, judging it was a real challenge. 

But after much deliberation the winner of the School Competition was Oak Wood Secondary School in Nuneaton for their lovely collage.  The pupils made it using photographs of autumn taken in the school grounds.  Congratulations to everyone who took part.  Your  prizes are on the way.

The Family Competition was won by Jack Bruton (aged 12) for his fab funny autumn poem.  It made us all smile and is here for you to enjoy.

It’s Autumn and the snails abound
They love the damp leaves to hide around
Look in the hedge and under pots
Not just one but lots and lots!

Well done Jack – your prizes will be with you in the next few days.

…And if you would like to enter our latest round of competitions click here for Schools and here for Families.  We have some great gardening prizes to be won.

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Now is the perfect time to set a bed of strawberries and there is no better way than to use a Raised Bed….And by planting now you will have a fabulous crop in time for next summer.


Strawberries do best in well-drained, fertile, warm soil.  If the soil is heavy, cold and with poor drainage it will have a drastic impact on success.  But by using a Raised Bed from the Recycleworks Ltd, you will be able to give them the optimum conditions they need… And the raised bed will also provide some protection from slugs.

Which Variety?

There is an overwhelming choice out there, here are some of our favourites.

Alice  The perfect choice if you only have room for one variety, as it is trouble free and easy to pick.  One of the best mid season varieties as it combines a sweet flavour and juicy texture with excellent disease resistance.  Flowers in May and fruits from June until early July 

Cambridge Favourite  If you love picking your own strawberries for eating or making jam, this is a well loved favourite.  It produces a bumper crop of juicy orange red fruits of excellent flavour.  Ready to pick from June to early July

 Flamenco  This strawberry produces excellent quality sweet and juicy fruits over a long picking period.  A very versatile variety suitable for growing the traditional way in the garden, as well as making it the perfect variety for container growing, as it will transform your patio into a very productive fruit garden.

You Will Need:tools_4_job

What to do

  1. Assemble your raised bed in a sunny, sheltered position if possible.  The raised beds from Recycleworks Ltd are ideal, and so easy to assemble with no screws, no nails and no holes to dig
  2. Fill with a good quality compost
  3. Set the strawberry plants allowing around 40cm between the plants
  4. Ensure the roots are well covered with soil
  5. Water each plant


It is also important to think about protection for the growing plants.  During the winter you may want to protect from frost with fleece, and when the fruits begin to develop next summer there is the all important netting to think about.  These hoops have been specially designed to fit into the Recycleworks raised beds and provide an easy way to fit crop protection.


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Autumn is a busy time in the school garden, particularly after the long summer holidays, when things can get a little out of hand. 

And whilst the mornings take on a misty, slightly more dewy feel and the nights begin to draw in, there is still often some very nice sunny weather to be enjoyed.


This week we have been pulling together our own list of jobs to be getting on with over the next few weeks.  From harvesting to encouraging winter wildlife and planning ahead, its all here.  So do take a look if you require some inspiration.

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