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The September/October School Zone Competition was to find 10 Hedgehog related words in our Hedgehog Wordsearch, the first correct winning entry pulled out of the hat was by Alex Courtman from Dane Ghyll County Primary School, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria and their fabulous prize is a Hogitat Hedgehog House, a Hedgehog Guide, a Hedgehog Snack Feeding Bowl and some Hedgehog Food – well done to them.

The September/October Family/Kids Zone Competition was a ‘Who am I? Wildlife Quiz’ the correct answers were  Q1 Ladybird,  Q2 Dragonfly,  Q3 Butterfly,  Q4 Toad,  Q5 Moth,  Q6 Hedgehog,  Q7 Bee,  Q8 Spider,  Q9 Bat,  Q10 Frog.

The first correct entry to be pulled out of the hat was from Taylor and Holly Rees from Gosport, Hampshire and they will receive a Mini Bug Bug Box, a Mini Bug Ladybird Tower and a Minibeast Guide – well done to them.

Thank you to everyone who entered these competitions, why not have a go at our

New Christmas Competitions

To enter our School Zone Competition all you need to do is to design a Christmas Card featuring a ‘Christmas’ Robin, it can be painted, crayoned, drawn in pencil/coloured pencil or could even be a collage. Our favourite card will win

To enter our Family/ Kids Zone Competition all you need to do is to send in a picture of a Christmas Robin that you have drawn, it can be painted, crayoned, drawn in pencil/coloured pencil or could even be a collage and our favourite picture will win

Have a look at the competitions pages for full details and an entry form, the closing date for both competitions is 31st December 2012.

Good Luck


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Halloween has been and gone and Bonfire Night on 5th November is fast approaching, excitement is building again in our household or maybe it’s all those Halloween ‘treats’.

Here is a great activity for children of all ages to get them in the mood for Bonfire Night.

Make a Blow Paint Firework or Bonfire picture

You will need

  • Coloured paper or card
  • Runny paints in various colours
  • Straws
  • Glue
  • Glitter

To make your pictures

  1. Place spots of paint of various sizes and colours on your paper/card.
  2. Use a straw to blow the spots of paint in various directions to make the fireworks or the flames of the bonfire.
  3. Put different colours next to each other so that they mix together to make some great effects.
  4. When you are happy with your picture let it dry then add some glue and sprinkle with glitter to make your fireworks sparkle.

We all love Bonfire Night, keeping warm by a nice bonfire, watching stunning and often noisy fireworks and eating lots of party food, sweets and treats (click here for some delicious Bonfire Recipes) but …

don’t forget the Wildlife in your garden on Bonfire Night

At this time of year hedgehogs, frogs, toads and newts are looking for a nice, cosy, warm and safe place to hibernate and to them your bonfire looks ideal so a few hours before your party and before it goes dark have a good look inside and at the bottom of your bonfire to check for any creatures and move them to a safe area of your garden.

Position your firework display away from trees and hedges where birds may be roosting.

your pets

Make sure that your pets are kept indoors as fireworks are a common phobia for dogs and cats as they often find the loud noises and bright lights frightening. Provide a safe and quiet place for them to hide, keep curtains and windows closed and leave the TV on or play music to mask the load bangs.

and your safety

Fireworks and bonfires can be very dangerous if care is not taken so click here for advice on bonfire and firework safety and follow the firework code.

Have a happy, safe and fun Bonfire Night.


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