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Red cabbage is at its seasonal best at this time of year, and if you are wondering what to do with yours why not try one of my favourite recipes – it’s very quick and easy to prepare and the children love it too – perfect!

…And the ingredients list is pretty flexible so you can add to or take away according to your own personal tastes.

Handful of red cabbage leaves
Handful of white cabbage leaves
Couple of peeled carrots
An apple
Handful of walnuts
Juice of a lemon
Couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise
Freshly ground black pepper


Finely chop the cabbage and carrot into thin strips

Chop the apple into chunks

Break the walnuts into smallish pieces

Place the chopped vegetables into a bowl, and add the lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper and mayonnaise

Mix well and serve!

If you would like to grow your own seasonal vegetables visit www.recycleworks.co.uk

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It’s at this time of year that the root vegetable harvesting really comes into it’s own.  This recipe is an old family favourite that appeals to youngster and elders alike.  If you don’t Grow Your Own yet, why not start.  Vegetable taste so much better when they are eaten straight from the plot and there’s no transport involved either, so that’s better for the environment!! 

There is no satisfaction that quite compares to being able to eat what you grow, and for all your Grow Your Own Needs check our range of products at Recycleworks.co.uk.  There is everything from raised beds, tools, cold frames, compost bins, and wildlife goodies….


Selection of root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips, swede, turnip, red onion etc

1 clove of garlic

Freshly ground salt and pepper

Sprigs of fresh rosemary

Olive oil


  • Peel all the vegetables and garlic
  • Chop vegetables into chunks and crush the garlic
  • Mix the rosemary, olive oil and garlic together
  • Pour over the vegetables and mix well
  • Leave for a while for oil to soak into the vegetables
  • Put into a roasting dish and roast for 45 mins at 200 C


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Perfect for Christmas, we have some lovely First Gardens for children.  They are a great way of encouraging kids into the outdoors, to get those all important first experiences of wildlife, nature and growing their own veggies and flowers.

My First Flower Garden contains everything a child needs to create a lovely flower garden.   The raised bed allows them to have their own growing patch.  Also included is the brilliant grobox of seeds and the tools they need to get started!  Click here for all the details of how to buy.



My First Flower Meadow will create a raised bed full of wonderful meadow flowers, which will be a magnet for bees, butterflies and other insects during the summer months.  Great for children who enjoy watching bugs and butterflies at close quarters!  Find out more here.



My First Herb Garden is perfect for giving a child their very first experience of growing their own herbs.  The raised bed allows them to have their own growing patch.  Also included is the brilliant grobox of seeds and the tools they need to get started!  Click here for all the details of how to buy.

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We think this new Recycling Activity Centre is perfect for schools and nursery settings. 

Designed to encourage young children to be responsible for recycling themselves, the unit can be made an integral part of the nursery/classroom.

Each child can be encouraged to take responsibility for classroom recycling.  

Along the way they will learn about how rubbish and refuse can be recycled and made into useful everyday products. 

For all the details of how to order click here.

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We have two great new competitions for you to get involved with during November and December .  The first for families is a fun little quiz that will have all the family involved – take a look at our Family Competition for all the details on how to enter. 

For schools we have a Christmas wordsearch – a handy rainy day activity which is great for helping with literacy too.  For all the details visit our Schools Competition page.  Both competitions close on 31st Decmber 2011.

Good Luck!

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