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Bird Feed Gift HamperChildren at Ribchester St Wilfreds Primary School are busy with an exciting bird watching project at the moment.   They have carried out a survey of the birds currently using the school grounds and are now trying to attract lots more by putting out different types of bird food, and nesting material.

Today Frances Lamburn, Leah Molloy and Ben Holt  took receipt of their Bird Feed Gift Hamper.  Inside it contains a large sunflower packed full of seeds, a pretty wooden seed feeder, a spiral of sheeps wool for nesting, a nesting box and a laminated field guide with pictures of the top 50 garden birds.

Over the next few weeks they will be watching carefully to see what extra types of birds they can attact with all these lovely goodies and we will keep you posted with the results.

St Wilfreds School

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Welcome to the Gardeningwithchildren.co.uk blog.

This is the blog for the new Gardening With Children website, which went live on January 20th 2009.

The Gardening with Children Homepage

We hope you enjoy it.  Please let us know your comments.

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